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What is the style of social progress? Is a cavity sincere dedication, is the only express spirituality of life, or is it with new ideas and ideas to lead the innovation? - I think, for social development, promote the progress of the times, the most beautiful style should be vested in the latter.
"Poetry is the soul of innovation, that is, to create an unexpected, amazing and pleasing to the eye something." British poet Sean Johnson says - if the poem, life is it not? The old saying goes, "inventive," means that innovators are not already in their predecessors have been stamped on the white road behave, but a step by step all the way to explore a muddy way out of their own direction, to obtain the final glory - Path above, the scenery is still, smoke and rain cleared, more than Nanshan!
Walk on top of the path, not from the old do not follow the old, as a personal exploits. Early Jianwen, do not know the country is, rot Confucianism in power, so that the father and son are suspected, brothers, harm, Asadah disorder, all insecurity. Yan Wang Zhu Di resolutely uprising Jing difficult to Qingjun side, can Zenai forces are not in orthodox position, Kankan desire to lose. The occasion of the occasion, Yan Wang another way, abandoned all the city received, the soldiers back to Peking, Jianwen see the military overjoyed, instantly accounted for. This by the troops owed more and retreat, and the army is unknown on the inside, arrogant wild indulgence, the division of the city of the move that is, the king of Yan Wang Hua - no troops of the worry, Yan Wang Jinling ascended the throne of the throne, Prosperity in the early Ming Dynasty. Art of war, deception, it is also such a different approach to innovation is not often the achievements of the world will not, to create brilliant achievements.

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